Wireless chargers: what are the best alternatives to AirPower?

More than two years after announcing it, Apple has just canceled the AirPower, leaving thousands of customers without a solution to wireless charging iPhone, Airpods or Apple Watch. Here are the best wireless chargers to replace AirPower.

Wireless chargers have been on the market for a very long time, but Apple wanted to offer its in-house solution to wirelessly charge up to 3 products (iPhone XS, Apple Watch and AirPods 2). But you know if you follow the tech: AirPower will never see the light of day.

Here is our selection of XXX wireless chargers that allow you to charge several devices at the same time, and therefore your Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods.

Belkin BOOST UP station

It is the best seller on Amazon. This Belkin dock allows you to wirelessly charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously. On the back you find a USB-A port allowing you to connect another smartphone, AirPods, an iPad or any tech product.

The power delivered for the iPhone is 7.5W and 5W for the Apple Watch, as is the USB port on the back for charging AirPods. Choosing a Belkin product is choosing the leading manufacturer of wireless charging. The price is lower than what the AirPower should have cost with a public price of 149 $.

The Bestrans charging station

The station is currently the best seller on Amazon in the chargers category and it offers an experience almost identical to Airpower. You have a section dedicated to the iPhone (or any Qi compatible smartphone), one for the Apple Watch, and a dock for the AirPods.

The station therefore uses wireless (up to 10W for Android smartphones) with a power of 7.5W for the iPhone, 2W for the Apple Watch, and 1.5W for the AirPods. These are loaded with the lightning port, but the advantage of the Bestrans Station is that you replace 3 sockets with one. But the most positive point of this model is its price: 49.99 $, or even less in the event of a promo on Amazon.

The Duo charger from… Samsung!

To finish this quick selection of wireless chargers to replace AirPower, we ended up with a product… Samsung. Many products of unknown brands are available from merchants, and turning to Samsung is a safe bet. It will allow you to charge an Apple Watch and an iPhone at the same time, and is also compatible with Samsung watches and all smartphones that use wireless charging.